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Philadelphia’s Summer Nightlife Headquarters

A warm summer night is spent no better than on the water with 1,000 party goers. Dance the night away to all of your favorite tunes! The areas top DJs in constant rotation, contests, mechanical bull riding, a foam pit and a million other fun things to do make Cavanaugh’s Riverdeck your summer nightlife headquarters!

  • mmcgregor20

    Is riverdeck open yet on sundays

    • Qubonic

      Their 1st night is tonight. I’m going!

  • victoria Gray

    What is the dress code?

  • Jill

    Is it 18 to get in and 21 to drink or you must be 21 to enter?

    • Robert Wright

      Depends what time of the day you want to come. Nightlife is strictly 21+

  • Alicia Cantellano

    How much is the cover charge

    • Robert Wright

      $5 Friday and Sat or Free on the Guestlist

  • Dana Young

    I can’t get in contact with anyone. I just wanted to confirm that my birthday party package deal was submitted. I haven’t received confirmation yet.

    • Robert Wright

      Hi this is Rob from the Riverdeck. Have you received confirmation yet?

      • Dana Young

        Hi Rob. I was worried when my friend told me that she received a confirmation call and email when she reserved her party and I didnt. The employee who scheduled me also said I would receive it that day I called it in and then a day passed.( it was the day of my reservation) and I checked my email and it wasn’t there. So I called. No one picked up and I called more times and then someone picked up and looked in the system and was able to confirm it. I just wanted to verify that everything went through and that my friends wouldn’t say my name at the door only to find out the reservation never showed up. Thank you for responding and reading and for the amazing times at Riverdeck. I have no complaints. I just wanted to verify. Keep up the good work.

  • Sierra

    I was wondering if the riverdeck is live on Saturday? I was thinking about coming here on Saturday for my birthday but I wanted to know the atmosphere on a Saturday.

  • Alaina Caldwell

    How is the river deck tonight? A Wednesday

  • Carolyne Huynh

    When does the outside nightclub of riverdeck opens???

    • riverdeck


      The Riverdeck is currently scheduled to open April 14th.

    • Robert Wright

      The Riverdeck is now Open for the 2017 season. Check out the rest of the website for updated hours.

  • Shakira

    Wats the dress code if anybody knows